Brighter Futures Child Care qualification will prepare you to enter one of the most popular sectors for apprenticeships in the local area. Having a child care qualification will make you and your CV stand out from other candidates and help you be successful in your application. Brighter Futures will also be providing work experience placements so you will be in the perfect position to understand your career goals in this fulfilling and rewarding sector.


Brighter Futures Business qualifications will prepare you to enter a variety of roles. From admin to marketing to management, you will learn skills in business that can be easily transferred to any sector at the same time as improving your CV. Work experience, CV writing and interview technique workshops are included as part of the course in addition to up to 12 months support with job applications and job search Click the link to find out more.

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Brighter Futures Successes

    Mia TellettSara RawlinsonNiall GordonMichael ReaganJack WasleyMatthew DaviesDaniel RobertsCoral GeorgesonJay VerburgJohn WattsOlivia Molyneaux Elliott Foley
  • "Before I joined Brighter Futures I did my GCSEs and continued onto 6th form and gained 2 AS levels and 2 A-Levels. I joined Brighter Futures in order to gain work experience and a business qualification. I completed the Business of Beauty and Make-up course which included a BTEC in business, an ILM award and Enrichment. I attended a work placement at The Hair Spa where my duties included washing and drying hair, stock checking and ordering and greeting customers. I soon learnt that I preferred admin duties over practical tasks and started applying for Apprenticeships with the help of Brighter Futures. I was successful and now have an Apprenticeship with Signature Living as an events coordinator”
    Mia Tellett
    Signature Living
  • Before I started my Apprenticeship, I was in college studying towards my A-levels in law, history and psychology however I realised this was not for me and began looking for apprenticeships. This was when I found Brighter Futures. I was applying for apprenticeships however I was having little success due to a lack of work experience. I joined Brighter Futures wanting to gain more work experience. I was given the aim of competing a work placement and completing refreshers in my maths and English. I attended a 3 month work placement with Gregory Abrams Davidson, allowing me to gain the perfect skill set for a career in business administration. After my placement I was told by Gregory Abrams Davidson that they had a position available and I applied. During the recruitment process I felt as though Sysco were very helpful prior to starting. Sysco went through interview techniques and personal statements with me preparing me for the process. Personally, I feel Brighter Futures has made me a much more confident person and has given me a broader skillset.
    Sara Rawlinson
    Gregory Abrams Davidson
  • I joined Brighter Futures as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do once I finished School. Brighter Futures gave me some direction and helped me decide what I wanted to do in the future. While I was at Brighter Futures I completed a Business Qualification which focused on business but with a Gaming backdrop. I also sat refreshers for my maths and English and attended a work placement at Resurrection on Bold Street. My duties included processing stock and liaising with customers. I learnt how to work effectively within a team and became more confident in a working business environment. Since I finished with Brighter Futures I have been successful in gaining an apprenticeship in Business Administration and am putting in maximum effort in order to learn as much as I can and get full time employment!
    Niall Gordon
    Optimum Coffee Services
  • I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, I might have gone to University and got into a lot of debt for nothing. I wanted to get a job and start a career and Brighter Futures helped me take the first step in this direction. I’m so glad I applied!
    Michael Reagan
    Brighter Futures
  • Before I joined Brighter Futures I had been at school doing my GCSE’s before finishing in May. I wanted to move straight into employment as I had some issues at home and did not enjoy school so I wanted to be able to support myself. I joined Brighter Futures doing the Business of Gaming course and completed a BTEC in business, a level 2 Health and Safety qualification and took my English Functional Skill Level 1 and 2. I was unable to attend a work placment due to the same issues at home that had affected my GCSEs but Brighter Futures were really supportive and ensured I was given plenty of support when applying for vacancies they thought I was suitable for. I got a job straight after leaving with Kee Connections and am now taking my Warehousing Level 2 and hope to progress to level 3 when I finish.
    Jack Wasley
    Kee Connections
  • Before I joined Brighter Futures I was studying towards my A-Levels at 6th form college. I joined Brighter Futures and I completed a work placement at Liverpool John Lennon Airport for 8 weeks. I also had not achieved grade C in English at GCSE so I worked towards achieving this. As part of my placement I worked in the airfield operations department and learnt how to maintain a safe environment at all times. I gained experience and gained knowledge of the fine detail that is needed when working within the aviation industry. Following my placement I started a warehousing apprenticeship with Bullens Healthcare and finish in June 2017.
    Matthew Davies
    Bullens Healthcare
  • Before I joined Brighter Futures I was studying towards my A-Levels at Mosslands 6th Form. I joined Brighter Futures and I completed retail work experience in two separate stores. During my placement my duties included keeping the shop and my work station clean and helping customers with enquiries. My placement helped me gain confidence and improved my customer service skills. I have now progressed onto a Customer Service Apprenticeship with Victoria Pharmacy delivered by Sysco and complete it at the end of the year.
    Daniel Roberts
    Victoria Pharmacy
  • Before I joined Brighter Futures I was working in my local Kentucky Fried Chicken. I joined Brighter Futures and I completed retail work experience and up-skilled my Maths and English as I had not achieved C grades at GCSE. I attended my work placement at The Little Flower Shop with my duties including answering the phone, preparing flower boxes and also serving at the counter. From my placement I learnt how to be confident and how to improve my customer service skills. I made a good impression and I am now taking a level 2 apprenticeship in retail at my work placement.
    Coral Georgeson
    The Little Flower Shop
  • Before I joined Brighter Futures I pretty much didn't do anything apart from go to the gym! I joined Brighter Futures and I attended a work placement at Liverpool John Lennon Airport. From my placement I learnt that as long as you work hard good things will come of it! I learnt new things such as people skills, confidence and patience. I had an interview for a vacancy based in the Air Traffic Control Tower and was successful. I started work at Liverpool John Lennon Airport as a Air Traffic Control Tower Assistant. I would like to thank Brighter Futures. The programme they ran was great and now it has lead me into a full time career.
    Jay Verburg
    Liverpool John Lennon Airport
  • Before I joined Brighter Futures I was refurbishing houses to be rented out by a company called Loc8. I wanted to work in a garage so I joined Brighter Futures and attended a work placement with Car and Commercial. My duties included; stripping damaged cars and repairing panels; I also prepped parts for painting. During my placement I learnt lots of new skills and improved my time keeping. Now, after doing well in my placement, I have been offered a job with Car and Commercial and start as soon as my placement finishes.
    John Watts
    Car and Commercial
  • Before I joined Brighter Futures I was still at Woodchurch High School resitting my Maths GCSE. I joined Brighter Futures and completed my Maths and undertook a placement with Liverpool Housing Trust. My duties included; filing; working on the database; and filling in paperwork. During my placement I learnt how to use the database and realised how much I like working in the housing industry. Following this work placement I applied for a Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship through Sysco with Beechwood and Ballantyne Housing Association and was successful. Now I have a job and am looking forward to completing my apprenticeship and taking the next steps in my career.
    Olivia Molyneaux
    Beechwood and Ballantyne Housing Association - Symphony/Liverpool Housing Trust
  • "Before I joined Brighter Futures I was studying at Mosslands sixth form college. I joined Brighter Futures and achieved my maths and English functional skills and completed a 7 week work placement with PH Jones plumbing and heating company. I helped an experienced engineer to service and repair boilers and radiators and a load of other things to do with housing heating. Because of this I have now started an apprenticeship with PH Jones and can't wait to become a qualified plumber."
    Elliott Foley
    P.H. Jones